Association of Academic Foreign Languages Centres SERMO

The Association of Academic Foreign Language Teaching Centres (SERMO) was established in 2006. Originally an association of 24 high schools, SERMO has expanded to include 30 higher education establishments as of 2010. SERMO’s mission is to promote cooperation and exchange between teachers of foreign languages at tertiary level.

SERMO’s first priority is the integration of academic foreign language centres in Poland, to create a coherent body capable of promoting their interests nationally and internationally. SERMO also aims to develop and disseminate best practice criteria, and encourage high standards in language pedagogy.

SERMO is coordinating efforts to unify foreign language teaching programs, standardize assessment criteria, develop the language skills and methodological qualifications of teachers, and to ensure the high quality of teaching materials. SERMO facilitates the exchange of information and experience between language teachers, and the discussion of their aims and objectives.The association cooperates at all levels with relevant authorities, colleges, and scientific institutions, to ensure high standards and provide solutions for foreign language teaching.

In 2006, SERMO began a fruitful partnership with CercleS (la Confédération Européenne des Centres de Langues de l’Enseignement Supérieur), a confederation of language centres, departments, institutes, faculties and schools in Higher Education whose main responsibility is the teaching of languages. SERMO cooperates with CercleS to promote the scientific study of language pedagogy at the international level, and organizes joint conferences on teaching methodology. At present, SERMO is contributing to the development of a common language policy for academic centres in Europe.

In a meeting in Będlew near Poznan in April 2010, a new board for SORMA was elected, chaired by Liliana Szczuka-Dorna (PhD). During its term of office, the board will coordinate the introduction of a common system of examination covering all the high schools in Poland.